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Reviews for A Very CSI Teens New Year

angelsheaven1980 01/17/08 - 03:58PM 1: 1/1
that was a cute ending. if you're going to continue it, update soon. if not, then oh well. still cute ending tho.

Author's Response: My next one will probably be for Valentine's Day. Glad you liked it!

GregLover212 01/17/08 - 10:18AM 1: 1/1
Yeah was waiting and hoping you'd do this lol........I was a bit confused with all the ships lol but I figured 'em all out in the end lol.....sweet ending really like it.

only_true_love 01/16/08 - 11:48PM 1: 1/1
hehehehe That was very cute and sweet! *hugs* :)

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