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Reviews for A CSI Babies Christmas

nickygirl2405 01/07/08 - 12:16AM 1: 1/1
omg that was so cute i loved it gonna save too favs right away. i also loved how nicky and greggo where acting together. :D

Krysnel_Nicavis 01/06/08 - 09:22PM 1: 1/1
LOL, that was so cute! I loved the Nick/Greg bits! Greg accidentally landing in Nick's lap, that's so cute! Meh, Greggo is always cute, little or big :D

hou 01/05/08 - 09:21AM 1: 1/1
A really nice story^^ THX

GregLover212 12/28/07 - 01:19PM 1: 1/1
cool was very funny. *add to fav* -Shazza_018

Yoshi 12/27/07 - 09:45AM 1: 1/1
CSI Wee-Me! Very funny. :-)

only_true_love 12/27/07 - 12:08AM 1: 1/1
Awwwwww such a cute story! Loved that you had a little bit of all the ships. And I giggled when I read this line, “Nicky! That tickles!” hehehe Seeing the boys early on made me smile! Excellent job! *hugs* *adds to fav.* :)

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