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Reviews for Burning Love

candygirl1uk 01/03/08 - 02:07PM 1: 1/2
hey that funny good. Hmm Nikc in as elvis- ya baby.,.. Well done

only_true_love 01/02/08 - 11:18PM 2: 2/2
Very cute and HOT at the same time. ;) *hugs* *adds to fav.*

only_true_love 12/12/07 - 02:43AM 1: 1/2
Loved this! *pictures Nicky in Elvis costume* SEXY! :)

Author's Response: Nick in a burlap sack would be sexy. *has a brainstorm*

seether_79 12/12/07 - 02:22AM 1: 1/2
Again very cute, I loved the last line. Nick dressed as Elvis, i would love to see that lol. Very nice!

Author's Response: Marathon Elvis sessions on my iPod mixed with the CSI marathons... Thanks! Glad you liked it!

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