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Reviews for Wii're Naked!

csibabe91 01/18/08 - 08:30PM 1: 1/1
That was such a cute story it was great

miracleromancer 12/22/07 - 09:08AM 1: 1/1
Great story, amazing images too. >.> Now I have to get a Wii >:3

Zodiac32 12/13/07 - 11:51PM 1: 1/1
That was too cute! Damn Wii's, they're so hard to find. Lucky Greg. ;)

Author's Response: I only managed to get mine cause I was working at WalMart when they came in. Greg, um, knows people in high places. :)

only_true_love 12/12/07 - 03:52AM 1: 1/1
I agree with Greggo that Nicky was being evil at the end. I'd so pay to see them play the game & strip! hehehe *evil grin* Great Job! :)

Author's Response: This is what happens when I write after playing my own Wii. Maybe I cna make my Nick/Greg Miis do something. ;-)

seether_79 12/12/07 - 02:20AM 1: 1/1
That was so darn cute!!! Very nice

Author's Response: Glad you liked it! 8-D

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