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Reviews for I Like You

Tuppence 10/15/07 - 05:28AM 1: I Like You
I like. Very gentle and sweet. Also a light read. Nothing heavy. Just how you could imagine the boys to be.

Author's Response: Thanks. :)

only_true_love 10/14/07 - 05:13PM 1: I Like You
hehehe Kissing! Very sweet fic. Ic an see the TPTB doing this if they ever wake up from the coma they are apparently in!!! lol *hugs* :)

Author's Response: Thanks Stacy. *hugs*

QueenOfTheUniverse 10/14/07 - 04:55PM 1: I Like You
Hmmm... what can I say? Still awesome the second time around... or wait... how many times did I read it before? lol, who knows, but I love it! Great work, and I'm happy to see it posted on the wiki! yay!

Author's Response: Thanks Queen! I'm so happy you like it.

candygirl1uk 10/14/07 - 04:43PM 1: I Like You
Well done twins, well done!!! PErfect one liners. sweet. I loved it. Ahh. RomanticLLOL!

Author's Response: Thanks Candy! Glad you liked it.

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