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Reviews for A Day Worth Remembering

Dark CSI 03/31/07 - 04:34PM 1: One
God, I love watching Nick take control and Greg bumbling over asking him out! Too cute!

DeathFaerie 08/16/06 - 01:21PM 1: One
*squee* That's my birthday!

Author's Response: I knew that, no really I did!!!

csi_nikki 02/15/06 - 08:55PM 1: One
ooo so kewl! loved it. i too wouldnt mind knowing what happened after shift!

LoneWolf13 01/08/06 - 07:56PM 1: One
That was cute, and I wouldn't mind finding out what happens during their celebration either ;)

twins1729 12/04/05 - 07:04PM 1: One
Very cute. Glad to see they both got what they wanted.

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