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Reviews for Ballistics

QueenOfTheUniverse 08/21/07 - 08:30PM 1: 1
That was a great story! But if I was Greg, I wouldn't talk to Nick for a LONG time. I see where Nick's coming from, and I also see where Greg's coming from, and that was a cruel way to teach a lesson. Though, with that makeup sex and those presents to come, Greg got off the better of the two, I'm sure! lol Great work, keep it up!

Dark CSI 03/29/07 - 07:57AM 1: 1
That was excellent, I really enjoyed it. I thought the relationship portrayed between Nick and Greg was sweet but not sickly. I loved how protective Nick was, and how his fear drove him to 'teach' Greg a lesson (really well written scene btw, Nick's devastation at his helplessness and Greg's on). Greg's anger when he discovered who it was, and the make up scenes were just perfect too. I hope you write more soon.

Claire_D 12/15/06 - 03:11PM 1: 1
That was great :) I enjoyed it. Maybe 'make-up sex and presents' now?

Author's Response: Hee, maybe soon. Sorry I never replied, exams then christmas and I'm only just now catching up on the stuff I love. Thank you very much!

dagsrommer 12/08/06 - 03:44PM 1: 1
This was very good! Please continue posting great stories like this!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you very much. Encouragement and I are best friends :D.

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