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Reviews for Affairs of the Heart

only_true_love 12/28/07 - 04:26PM 10: Proof of My Love
I just read all the chapters and i really love this story! Is this the last chatper or will you write one more???:) Will brownies help? Either way its a great story, & I loved that you inclued CSI Miami characters! *adds to fav.*

membrain 12/12/06 - 07:31PM 10: Proof of My Love
You're contractually obligated to write another chapter. Please. *offers a decadent cake with a cherry on top*

Author's Response: Don't worry I do have one more chapter planned! I just have to work out the kinks and thanks so much for the review!

membrain 11/13/06 - 11:16PM 9: A Weaker Claim
Wow! This is like a fine wine, getting better with each chapter. Please continue soon. Pretty please *falls onto knees*

Lonewolfe001 11/09/06 - 11:26AM 7: Leaving Las Vegas
this so good, it made me cry. why is nicky so blind?

chicken30 11/09/06 - 02:35AM 7: Leaving Las Vegas
Geez, this is soooooooo good. But honestly, Lori is a bitch *lol* Hurryhurry with the update

shacky20 11/08/06 - 09:46PM 7: Leaving Las Vegas
So, I just sat down and read all the chapters, I so love a good angst story, you really have no idea, and I like this premise, I've seen this done somewhat, but not where Nick is so far in deep in another relationship....... And now the moment of truth, looking foward to the next update.

gemma 11/08/06 - 06:08PM 7: Leaving Las Vegas
*loves* This is so good, I can't wait to see what happens next!

notWanted 11/08/06 - 06:33AM 6: Demands that Break Us
Are you mad!!??You can't leave it there..=\ Love this story=D..update soon please..

LexieMalfoy19 11/07/06 - 07:22PM 6: Demands that Break Us
You have no idea how much I love this story!! It's so good and so well written. And I love this chapter, I love the angst!!

membrain 10/29/06 - 05:35PM 4: Seeking Comfort
You're killing me here! Great story, but the angst, oh the angst! Please update soon.

ari 10/28/06 - 02:09AM 3: Mistakes
wow this is fabulous. please continue soon.

Dreama 10/26/06 - 01:46PM 2: Celebratory
Oh I love 'completely wasted and having sex they will sooooooo regret in the morning' stories. Thye are ususally always good. =)
And a little advice, I hope you won't think I'll offense you... but you know what would really work for your story? Spacing. It makes the fic easier to read. But a great fic, can't wait for an update.

Author's Response: No offense taken at all, thank you for the tip I did go back and look at it and spacing it would be good! Thanks again and I am glad you are liking the story the next chapter is actually finished so be on the look out for it soon!!

Lonewolfe001 10/26/06 - 01:20PM 2: Celebratory
please update soon. i cannot wait to find out how nicky will react the morning after. i hope he is not going to be a jerk

ArmyBrat101 10/25/06 - 09:03PM 2: Celebratory
I love this story, it's so well written. I'll be waiting for the next update.

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