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Reviews for Shattered

ItGlitters 11/30/06 - 01:47PM 1: 1
I enjoyed the Sara/Greg friendship. And I am dying to know what the fight was about, but I think that even without knowing... I still love it (well, and they got together at the end and all..,)

nickygirl2405 10/21/06 - 03:37PM 1: 1
hey i liked it a lot. but you didn't say what the fight was between nick and greg. maybe you can do a sequal of it? that would be awesome if you did. anyways again i think it was great espically the friendship between greg and sara. =)

Wojo 10/21/06 - 05:22AM 1: 1
that was sweet, I like the frienship between Sara & Greg.

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