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Reviews for This Time Around

nickygirl2405 10/05/06 - 05:39AM 4: Interlude: The Choice
please continue it's getting really really good. =)

nickygirl2405 10/05/06 - 05:38AM 1: Summer's Coming
hey, i like the story a lot and i cant wait for more too come. i really like the part how greg and sara are at each others throat for going out with nick. hehe =) anyways like i said i like your story and i cant wait for more too come. bye for now =)

Lonewolfe001 09/26/06 - 12:41PM 3: Surf's Up
haha. Greg gets his man & everyting is right with the universe. i hope sara's heart is not too badly broken. please update soon & PLEASE more boy touching.

nickandgreglover 09/25/06 - 09:49PM 3: Surf's Up
please hurry and update it is getting real good

Lonewolfe001 09/19/06 - 12:41PM 2: Cadillac Car Hell
Ryan is such a sweetheart. I hope Greg can play dirty cos Sara did not hold back. Please update soon.

chicken30 09/19/06 - 01:05AM 2: Cadillac Car Hell
Aw, cute chapter although Sara is behaving like a bitch *lol* It is sooooo obvious that Nick is into Greg *giggle* Love Ryan: he's a cutie ...

Lonewolfe001 09/15/06 - 02:34PM 1: Summer's Coming
i hope a friendship is not damaged beyond repair by greg going after nick. but to be fair, greg did call dibs first.

plentyoflove 09/15/06 - 12:13AM 1: Summer's Coming
I think this sounds like it could be a interesting story. Update soon!!

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