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Reviews for I Could Never Be Your Woman

ChemFishee 08/26/06 - 11:29AM 2: Two of Two
After reading this, I had to go and dig my WhiteTown CD out and listen to the song on repeat. Good job, Nick, on realizing you were being an ass. And I adore that Grissom needed to explain to Sara what was going on.

Author's Response: I definitely had the repeat going while I was trying to brainstorm this fic. As for Sara, I just love making her slightly clueless. I feel like she's such a good scientist, but a little too absorbed with it to notice some of the interactions around her. Oh and btw, very impressed with the CD owning ; D

silvercross 08/26/06 - 09:43AM 2: Two of Two
that was just adorable! I love fics where Warrick and co are completely cool with the situation. you've just put me in a really good mood now!!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm happy that your happy! And I like when the gang is cool with the situation as well, which i guess kind of obvious, hehe ; )

KliqzAngel 08/24/06 - 04:39PM 2: Two of Two
ok this totally made me cry, but then that isn't a bad thing. Wonderful job. I really loved it.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm really glad you liked it : )

LizPhairRulz 08/23/06 - 10:42PM 2: Two of Two
Aww! So sweet! Great story!

Author's Response: Thanks! I wanted to do a fic around that song for a while and well this is the result. I'm glad you liked it : )

LizPhairRulz 08/23/06 - 12:02PM 1: 1 of 2
Oh, wow. More please! ;D

la_babsi 08/23/06 - 06:30AM 1: 1 of 2
Aww... poor Greg. I really hope his plan will work out :)

Author's Response: Chapter 2 is up now with the conclusion. And Greg's plan just might go well... : )

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