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Reviews for Hostage Situation

AJewels 09/28/06 - 10:17AM 18: 18
*bounce* oh this is very nice. I'm sorry I haven't reviewed before this but I've just found this gem of a story and now you are one of my favorites. I can't wait to see where you go from here.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! That was such a nice review :)

Lonewolfe001 09/26/06 - 12:38PM 18: 18
Great chapter for 2 reasons: (1) they finally got together (2) great cliffhanger. I think its either ecklie or grissom.

Author's Response: Only time will tell... ;) Thanks for the feedback

starsigns 09/25/06 - 09:07PM 18: 18
!!!! Who is it?!?! Is it Greg's mom?! OMG, the suspense! (I just read all of this today, by the way. Loving it!)

Author's Response: Hmmm... I don't know.. you will just have to wait and see. I will update as soon as I possibly can. Thanks for the feedback!

Lonewolfe001 09/15/06 - 02:32PM 17: 17

Lonewolfe001 09/14/06 - 12:28PM 16: 16
please update soon. you are killing me here, those two are just taking too long to hook up.

Author's Response: Thanks for the rewview :) I am hoping to update later this evening or tomorrow afternoon. I hope you are enjoying the story!

Lonewolfe001 09/11/06 - 12:16PM 15: 15
i agree, please update soon. i am so happy your chapters are longer. i hope they tell each other how they feel

ari 09/10/06 - 11:42PM 15: 15
you must update soon. this is a fantastic story. in may not have the longest chapters and have some errors but i still find it very interesting! continue soon!

Lonewolfe001 09/01/06 - 02:09PM 13: 13
nicky shouldn't wait, he should just tell greg how he feels.

la_babsi 08/28/06 - 06:49AM 12: 12
I hope you're better by now... and it was worth the wait, so don't worry ;o)

Lonewolfe001 08/26/06 - 03:07PM 11: 11
WHAT !!! u cannot leave us hanging like that. its just soo cruel. please update soon

la_babsi 08/26/06 - 03:19AM 11: 11
*is still reading and eagerly awaits the next chapter*

Author's Response: Thanks :) The new chapter should be out sometime today/tonight. ;)

Lonewolfe001 08/19/06 - 07:47AM 9: 9
he better not die OR else ...

Lonewolfe001 08/13/06 - 12:16PM 8: 8
that just cruel !!

la_babsi 08/11/06 - 04:16AM 8: 8
You're making a habit out of those unbelievably cruel cliffies, you know. Go join Cliffie Writers Anonymous or something, but you definitely need to do something about it ;P Nah, seriously, although I guess I know what's coming this time, I like the suspense :)

la_babsi 08/09/06 - 05:27PM 7: 7
cliffhangers are NO fun, no, never, nooo way! get it? ;P *bites nails and waits for the next chapter*

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