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Reviews for Who Knew?

csi_nikki 07/18/06 - 05:23PM 1: 1/1
Ohhhh! That was awesome! It is totally one of my favorites! *grins wide*
Lots of luv and hugz, Nikki **

Author's Response: thanks! *hugs* im glad you like. it took me awhile but it always takes me awhile to write something.

shamelessOne 07/14/06 - 02:30AM 1: 1/1
Ah, the World Cup. Was waiting for someone to write about it. Good job. *so totally watched all-star game..* we won! *dances*

Author's Response: lol thanks! haha oh i did too. i was like totally happy when the AL won again! i happen to be a white sox fan... so i was def. happy!

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