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Reviews for Familiar Stranger

Lions_Heart 01/25/10 - 01:23AM 10: Timeless love
Amazing. I've got tears in my eyes.

cerina 09/26/09 - 11:54AM 27: Last Goodbye
Hi! I really loved your story! Its fantastic and so beautiul. I love Nick/Greg pairing, Are you finnish this already or itīs this gonna be continue? Sorry my bad english :D

Tubular Fox 03/08/09 - 11:15AM 1: Who are you?
You know, the first chapter of this makes me think of a song I discovered yesterday by Yelowcard. It's called 'One Year, Six Months.' It goes something like this: Sew this up with threads of Reason and regret So I will not forget I will not forget How this felt One year, six months ago, I know I can not forget I can not forget I'm falling into Memories of you The things we used to do Follow me there A beautiful somewhere A place that I can share With you Anyway, I love your story so far. Keep up the great work!

little_miss_lazy 09/09/08 - 12:48PM 32: The Morning After
hi i just started reading the story today n i just wanna say it's AMAZING ur a very talented writer keep up the good work

Author's Response: Oh my, thank you so much. I love writing and I'm just happy if someone happens to like my stories. I'm glad that you have liked this particular story and hopefully the ending of it will be to your liking as well. Thank you again.:-)

only_true_love 09/02/08 - 10:29PM 32: The Morning After
I so loved this chapter. I'm surprised that Nicky didnít just put his hand over Greggo's mouth to get him to be quiet long enough to explain himself and for Greggo to know the truth. And I'm not all that sad over the news about Chani. The only part that Iím sad about is that she wonít get to see her daughter grow up. But the boys I know will do an amazing job in raising her. I had to awwww and smile over the fact that their bond is now stronger and that they can read each others minds. The only bad side to that is if they wanted to pull off a surprise of any kind with each other they will have to be careful to what they say or think. *hugs and gigantic baskets of sugar cookies and double fudge brownies* :D

Author's Response: Yes, I can imagine how difficult it will be to surprise the other. Have to be very, very sneaky.:D Thank you for the wonderful review and for your patience.:-) Ooh, brownies!!! *Jumps up and down in excitement*

rose 09/02/08 - 03:10AM 32: The Morning After
I was so happy to see an update. thank god they are happy again. huh... great chapter :-)) rose

Author's Response: Than so much. Sorry that I kept you waiting. I won't do that again, I promise.:-)

Lonewolfe001 09/01/08 - 11:50PM 32: The Morning After
Yippppy - brain tumor. I know I sound evil but I am glad she is dying so now things can work out perfectly for Nick & Greg. And they deserve it. I am so glad the misunderstanding has been resolved, now they can live happily ever after. Well done

Author's Response: Thank you and no, you don't sound evil at all. Trust me. :D More soon.;-)

Marifw 09/01/08 - 04:30PM 32: The Morning After
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! What an amazing chapter. I'm so happy with the turn this story has taken! I've loved it all the way; but this is just such a great chapter! Both Nick and Greg are happy; then I'm happy! Wonder how they can use the new ability the bond has given them, can be quite usefull in their line of work! I'm glad you're better, and I don't mind waiting for updates when they're as good as this one! Please update soon though! *big basket of chocolate cookies* :-)

Author's Response: Oh my. Thank you so much. I really am sorry for the delay but I'm also happy that you liked the chapter. I promise to try and update ASAP. :-)

jayfray18 09/01/08 - 04:13PM 32: The Morning After
So glad you have updated this, and hope you are better now. Am really enjoying this.

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm almost back to 100% health again, almost. I'll try not to keep everyone waiting for the next update too long. Thanks for reading and reviewing.:-)

Lonewolfe001 07/14/08 - 03:09PM 31: Saving Greg
HE IS ALIVE *dances for joy* I am so happy. I am glad you had Nick question whether he was doing the right thing & whether it was rape. Nick fought for Greg, I hope Greg can do the same. No more running, no more self sacrifice. They need to talk. Great fic so far. A real rollercoaster. Please update soon

rose 07/14/08 - 01:07PM 1: Who are you?
thank god greg didnīt go away just to leave nick to his new family...good thing he is waiting because nick would surely be devasted if he has left...great chapter. :-)) rose

hjonathan 07/14/08 - 09:48AM 31: Saving Greg
Bravo Nicky. *HUGE SIGH* Thank god, that was close, tgoo close for comfort, but nonetheless, thank you for letting Greggo live. I hope Nick gets to tell him that whatever may come that it will be together no matter what...Great great job!!!! jon jon xxx

Saras_Girl 07/14/08 - 06:30AM 31: Saving Greg
Oh...oh thank god, he got there in time! Thank you for not breaking my heart and letting Greg die. It's weird...even though I could understand Nick's doubts around the dodgy ethics of sex when Greg couldn't consent, it was really tenderly done and it didn't feel weird at all, so well done, for want of a better phrase. I'm still a little worried...Greg clearly still has his doubts about the future, but I feel hopeful. I loved this chapter :) Nat x

only_true_love 07/14/08 - 12:31AM 31: Saving Greg
I agree with EvenStar, I love you as well. And glares along with her! That being said, Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Nicky saved Greggo, thank you dear god. Now Greggo just needs to hear from Nicky how it was a good idea to save him and that he realllllly loves him. *hugs to you and the boys and leaves gigantic baskets of sugar & peanut butter cookies and double fudge brownies!* :D

EvenStar 07/13/08 - 07:13PM 31: Saving Greg
I love you now... Yuo brought our boys back... now a little heart to heart and the truth... *Glares at Nicky and Greggo* But such a good update, sad and heartfelt... This almost makes me weap because I can feel that this story is wrapping up... and I ever so loved it.... Wonderful.... -M

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