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Reviews for The Notebook

gregsanders 12/10/07 - 08:48PM 8: Mr. Lonely
omfggg, i love your story. =) you neeeed to update, please? =)))))

angelsheaven1980 10/08/07 - 02:51AM 8: Mr. Lonely
hey. you can't leave me hanging like this. what happens? please make greg and nick be back together. nick is sad, no sadness for nicky.

itsxlexyxfoo 03/03/07 - 10:57PM 1: Hello, I love you
omg, this story is definitely the most amazing thing i've ever read in my life. i was playing it out in my head the whole time and i could see the way they loved each other and all that. I NEED TO KNOW! ahhh! the suspense is horrible trying to wait!

AJewels 11/07/06 - 05:07PM 8: Mr. Lonely
*blinks* more please... This is so poignant

Claire_D 10/30/06 - 11:59AM 8: Mr. Lonely
*hugs* to both characters, please update soon! That's really good, I'm still wondering how all those letters went astray.

WarumonoKyo 10/29/06 - 06:40PM 8: Mr. Lonely
OMG!!! -tackles you- MORE SOON!!!!

silvercross 08/26/06 - 09:36AM 7: Breakfast At Tiffany's
Are all men stupid or is it just these guys?!? I guess the idea of maybe really talking to each other hasn't occured to them!! Men! (and some women though, i have to admit!)

la_babsi 08/25/06 - 03:20AM 7: Breakfast At Tiffany's
How can Greg be so oblivious? I hope you'll find time soon to continue, I really wanna know how things will go from now on.

LizPhairRulz 08/24/06 - 10:38PM 7: Breakfast At Tiffany's
Oh, wow. Glad you left it at that instead of leaving us high and dry with a proposal. Great chapter, can't wait for more! ;D

la_babsi 07/29/06 - 06:17AM 6: Hello Again
Can't wait for their talk! *bites nails*

chicken30 07/28/06 - 02:22PM 6: Hello Again
Hurray, finally an update *lol* Hurryhurryhurry with the next chapter ....

LizPhairRulz 07/28/06 - 01:50PM 6: Hello Again
Yay! It's back! Very good chapter! Can't wait for more! ;D

kennedy 07/28/06 - 12:47PM 6: Hello Again
Oh, come on! You leave it there?

ItGlitters 07/18/06 - 03:28PM 5: Livin' in Fast Foward
Like I already said - great chapter - all your hard work really paid off.

NicksAngel 07/17/06 - 11:44AM 5: Livin' in Fast Foward
Oh, wow... Greg never received Nick's letters. I wonder why? Was it Nick's stupid parents again? Hopefully the next chapter gives us the answer. Great chapter. :-)

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