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Reviews for Bare at Breakfast

Rene Marie 03/24/09 - 10:21PM 1: Bare at Breakfast
haha, what's really bad? My first thought wasn't, "yum..." it was, "When is it?" (very strange for me, little nympho that I am) So I looked it up. lol, it's July 14th. *adds this to my datebook* But it was a positively delicious fic. =) Major thanks for showing me a new holiday to celebrate! =D

katlynn888 04/13/08 - 04:46PM 1: Bare at Breakfast
Sonething to be left to the imagination. I can imagin it. Oh, yes...I have a DIRTY mind... -Lynn

Wojo 06/24/06 - 11:40AM 1: Bare at Breakfast
Oh yeah, I liked that alot. good job.

Lonewolfe001 06/24/06 - 04:10AM 1: Bare at Breakfast
that was HOT

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