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Reviews for A Love That Will Never Grow Old

LisMin 06/14/06 - 07:14PM 3: 2054: Dusk
This had me tearing up at the end, which doesn't happen easily. Lovely story.

LoneWolf13 06/14/06 - 07:01PM 3: 2054: Dusk
I really love the end. It's so beautiful.

LoneWolf13 06/14/06 - 06:58PM 2: 2019: Getaway
I like how even though they're in their late forties that the still have a youthful energy in them. :)

LoneWolf13 06/14/06 - 06:55PM 1: 1999: Cabana Guy
Ha I love Greg's nickname for Nick, Cabana Guy lol! :)

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