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Reviews for Angel of Mine

QueenOfTheUniverse 08/04/07 - 09:08PM 1: 1/1
What can I say that hasn't been said already? This was truly amazing. I loved it so much. It was soooo sweet, and sad, yet happy too. Wonderful story, thanks much for writing it!

Author's Response: Thank you very much. It terrifies me to think of Greg being hurt. Play with Fire ws bad enough, but Fannysmackin' was almost unbearable to watch. I wrote this before FS, but it made me feel better, knowing Nick would step up to the plate. Altho, he's a very admirable man. Thank you for liking it. :-D

Wojo 05/09/06 - 05:58PM 1: 1/1
wow, that was an amazing story. I really loved it.

Author's Response: Thank you, honey. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. :-D

karmine 05/09/06 - 05:42PM 1: 1/1
For a second there I thought he was really dead! I actually started crying a little... Totally luved this story, so full of passion and caring! I wanted to hug em both so much! Beautiful story! ;) karmine

Author's Response: Oh nooo, I hate to take away all suspense, but I doubt, even in the interests of angst, that I could kill either of them. So sorry about that. But I'm glad you loved it, Nicky just needed to find out how much he cared. Thank you. :-D

anmani 05/09/06 - 03:32PM 1: 1/1
You had me going for a while there. Very insightful and touching. But my poor Greggo all hurt and in the ICU. /A

Author's Response: Nope, never kill the Greg!bug, he's far too cute and funny and charming. I'm very touched that you thought so, altho I didn't mean to scare, exactly. Yes, poor Greggo, but he gets better. *grins hopefully* Thanks, sweets. /C

Dreama 05/09/06 - 04:24AM 1: 1/1
OMG, for a second you really ahd me believing greg was dead. How very evil of you lol.
That was sad somehow but also great. I'm actually lost for words, so...great, just great. :D

Author's Response: No, I'm afraid I'll never be able to write a character death story that kills either of them. It was only a dream. I think I like angst if there can be a happy ending and I love Greg far too much to kill him, poor bug. Thank you very much, I'm so glad you enjoyed it. :-D

csi_nikki 05/09/06 - 12:03AM 1: 1/1
that was so sad and beautiful! *wipes away tears* such a good bed time fic! (im going to bed teehee) thank you for writing it!

Author's Response: Thank you very much. This story came to me in a dream so I guess it is linked to bed time. I really appreciate that you liked and that it touched you. It did me too. Thank you so much for reading it and commenting on it. :-D

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