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Reviews for An Interval of Dreams

karmine 05/02/06 - 03:58PM 1: 0
I LUV the idea of Greg having dreams about Nick in his sleep! Okay that sounded weird... Well I like how Greg's dreams tell the future. That's cool! Totally hot story! ;D

csi_nikki 04/29/06 - 02:32PM 1: 0
that was soooo well done! you should really write more stories soon!

Wojo 04/29/06 - 02:27PM 1: 0
wow, I like that alot. It was amazing. So sexy-sweet-hot.

shamelessOne 04/28/06 - 06:58PM 1: 0
*melts into puddle of goo* now that ending was amazing. Nick just showing up and it being ackward at first, but them getting right back to each other. then the sexx. can totally imagine him getting turned on by G just saying it. "Nick looked at him and Greg smiled a sleepy, lazy, smug smile that caused a deep, erotic ache." - favorite part. Great job :D

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