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Reviews for One Good Man

painfullystoic 01/31/09 - 12:43PM 19: Part Nineteen
wow... the story was fabulous... but it felt incomplete... i don't know... maybe its just me... but i loved your Greg/Nick dynamics... the history... everything... except the feeling like the story is not over..., something still has to happen... great work though... brilliant writing.

embracing shadows 01/10/09 - 09:51PM 19: Part Nineteen
Kept me riveted the whole way through! I absolutely loved it. :) Very well done.

charlies_dragon 03/06/08 - 12:37AM 1: Part One
HI, I just came across this fic from a link in a LveJournal community and I'm so glad I read it :) This is a really nice fic and I love how it felt real, with the fight and the way everyone kinda knows but doesn't say anything. Ooh, and I really liked the bit where Jacqui told Greg that if anyone was fired the lab rats would stage a walk-out. Thanks so much for sharing this and your talent with us :D charlies_dragon

indus 03/03/08 - 01:30AM 19: Part Nineteen
This was just recced to me! I love it

only_true_love 10/03/07 - 11:46PM 6: Part Six
just beyond wow! Absolutely sweet, hot, and surprising u to this point. I have this under my favorites and wanted to say BRAVO! up to this point and off to read more! *hugs* :)

miracleromancer 02/17/07 - 09:18PM 19: Part Nineteen
*claps* that was amazing! I couldn't stop reading! I loved the little convo between them at the end.

RurouniHime 11/10/06 - 05:45PM 19: Part Nineteen
Okay! Sorry it took me so long to review this master work. My excuse is that it took me a long time to read it. *knows that's a lame excuse* Wow. I just love backstory, especially for Greg, for whom we have been so deprived of backstory until this latest season. What you have developed for him here is equal parts touching and harrowing, completely engrossing... and it gives both of their actions so much more punch. I see Greg's POV about Nick's reaction to the sugar, but at the same time, I know I would probably have reacted as Nick did. You juggle them both so well, and though there was one point where I thought the story did an abrupt shift, I think you handled it very well. And don't even get me started on how hot the sex was. *leer* A real treat to read. Thank you for a great Nick-centric tale that just kept going on and on, which I loved, because I didn't want it to end. And thank you double for a marvelously sweet and insecure Greg. ^_^

EvenStar 09/02/06 - 01:46AM 19: Part Nineteen
I really enjoyed this story. Just such greatness... Still chuckling at Jackie... but hey.. Way to go anyways. Mys

BrightEyes 05/16/06 - 12:30PM 1: Part One
This was a fantastic story from start to finish. Your characterization for everyone was spot-on: each character's voice was there. Bravo on your well-researched use of "geek talk" in the lab and otherwise; it's sometimes easy to forget that our boys are scientists. I loved the delicious, delicious angst you put them throught, and, last but not least, the sex was HOT! It's a rare treat to see such good fanfic writing. Well done!

SubwayGirl1979 04/02/06 - 11:13PM 19: Part Nineteen
That I feel was the best Nick/Greg pairing i have read period. I felt it never slowed or became boring at any point. Simply put that is my favorite story that ill have to read again. considering it took several days to read this one lol. Good work! I hope to read more of your work at a latter time. ^_^

X_oh_dus 03/14/06 - 07:32PM 19: Part Nineteen
You are completely AMAZING! This is my new most favorite story of ALL TIME, fanfic or not. I love how well educated and well researched you are! Not many writers will take the time and dedication you've obviously put into this peice! You've matched the characters to an amazing level of reality that is so sadly lacking in most fanfiction. I salute you.

dagsrommer 03/08/06 - 12:11PM 14: Part Fourteen
This is the n't time I read this story - that should tell you something! I realized I have read this story, at least 3 times now, and I haven't commented on this:
"Aren't all Norwegians blonde?"
- No, they definitly aren't! I'm not! ;-)
Jeg elsker denne historien! (you figure out what it means...)

W 01/18/06 - 02:51PM 18: Part Eighteen
I just finished the last 18 chapters I am in awe of you this is some of the best writng I have seen on the net love the story hope you will keep going Keep up the great work W

alexmorgan 01/03/06 - 03:20PM 19: Part Nineteen
this is completely and utterly fabulous. it made me feel so much, and that's the measure of art. amazing job.

alexmorgan 12/22/05 - 03:23PM 18: Part Eighteen
hi - just wanted to let you know that i'm reading this story of yours now and it's utterly amazing. you are a god of writing, and i worship at your feet. can't wait to finish this. outstanding work.

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