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Reviews for What do you eat when there's nothing to eat?

karmine 05/05/06 - 04:59PM 1: 1/1
:D Cute story! Greg keeps a lot of sauces doesn't he? Awesome story! ;D

Author's Response: Yes, he has plenty of condiments, just in case he wants to cook something. All he's missing is food. LOL. Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed. :-D

Greggo_fanatic_158 03/29/06 - 09:15PM 1: 1/1
Wow, Greg's fridge sounds like mine. Although, my refrderator only has mayo, mustard, ketchup, water, and at select times, cheese. But there is always Mountian Dew. I practically live off of fast food. Aparently, so does Greg. And he also lives off of Colage cuisine. Very good story. You should write more.

Author's Response: Actually I just was rooting in mine, in which there was no food, but it's chock full of condiments! If only there were recipes that involved only them! Poor Greg, I think he actually CAN cook, some things, but it's just easier to live off fast food and coffee. Thank you very much for the review. I really appreciate it!

Wojo 03/25/06 - 04:57PM 1: 1/1
Ohh I liked this. Greg with all condiments and no food. Well done. I too would not mind reading what happens with the chocolate sauce! A chocolate covered Greg sounds delicious!

Author's Response: Sadly, this story resulted from a trip through my own fridge one day when I wanted lunch. I made do with peanut butter and apples but got the story. Hmm, maybe I should do something about the chocolate sauce. LOL Thank you for reviewing!

Dreama 03/25/06 - 01:59PM 1: 1/1
How come you can write about that kinda stuff and be so great with it? If I would write a fic about sauces and food I think the result would be that everyone reading it would fall asleep. And then, unbelievable, but...yes I actually learned something fron your fic *excpt that I can't write domestic fics*. I learned that the word 'kohlrab' is existing in english as well. And I never knew how much sauces/other things are existing to spice food or make it taste better. "Well, it's a little hard to cook when I'm flat on my back the minute we get through the door" That line made me laugh out so loud, lucky me I put the cup of tea down just seconds before, otherwise that would have been a disaster. So this one was entertaining and educational, which is always good. So no one ever shall say you don't learn something from a shlash fic. But it just got proofen wrong. Any chance we will ever find out what happened with the chocolate sauce? *not that we already know hehe*

Author's Response: Maybe I was just having a good day. I actually wanted lunch and was faced with a forest of condiments and no food and it just grew from there. And yes, there are tons of things to season and cook with, makes it very interesting. I love kohlrabi and you can actually buy it here sometimes. I'm glad you set your tea down, that could have been nasty and also that you laughed. Hmm, I shall have to think about the chocolate sauce. Thank you so much for such a lovely review! :-D

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