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Reviews for As the World Falls Down

Lions_Heart 01/07/10 - 11:38PM 39: On the last shore
WOW This was just pefect... I cried so hard in those last chapters I propably missed half the words.And that deffinetly hasn't happen before.=D There's no words to descripe how amazing job you've done.

Greggo_Obsessed 10/23/09 - 10:03PM 39: On the last shore
Wow. That was absolutely amazing. I love the way you got the boys together even though it was incredibly sad. I loved the whole mood that the story had. It had that intimacy. Those are my favorite kinds of stories. Well done.

charlies_dragon 01/04/08 - 01:10PM 39: On the last shore
Oh My dear holy God! This is utterly amazing, I can;t express how much I like this fic. You had me crying, screaming in frustration and jumping up and down in happiness, Thank you soooo much for sharing you talent with us :D charlies_dragon

Author's Response: I'm only happy that you liked it. It was the one story I enjoyed writing the most. Thank you for reading and reviewing.:-)

only_true_love 11/21/07 - 01:46AM 39: On the last shore
Ending so sad and yet so sweet. The story overall is just amazing! Well any of your stories I have read have been amazing. You are truely blessed at writing! *hugs* :) *adds to fav.*

Author's Response: Thank you so much. It makes me so happy if people find my stories entertaining, because I love to write and always have. Reviews like yours just makes me wanna write even more. Thanks again and merry Christmas! :-)

only_true_love 11/20/07 - 12:13AM 22: Moment of truth
God Bless you! *hugs* So nice to see the boys understand and no more confusion. :)

only_true_love 11/19/07 - 11:44PM 18: Before you go
I have to agree with Shacky here~ EVIL! I loved this story until the past few chapters. Now I normally wouldnt say this but I think the boys need a smack in the head and realize that they love each other!!!! GRRRRRRR... Of to read more. Hopefully it will get sorted out SOON!!!

Yoshi 08/18/07 - 09:49PM 39: On the last shore
I found this a few days ago and have read it in one go. Possibly the best fic I've read - incredibly moving. Beautifully written. Thank you for writing it. :-)

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much for liking it. I really enjoyed writing it. Thanks again. :-)

NoHope02 07/24/06 - 08:02AM 1: The turn of events
*sniffles*, aww. So beautiful, together forever.

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much. I'm happy that you liked my story. And thank you for the review. :-)

Serenity 05/18/06 - 07:21AM 39: On the last shore
Oh that was beautiful. I've only just got the chance to read this. So moving.

Author's Response: Thank you. It's always sad to end a story. I'm happy that you liked it. :-)

Wojo 05/16/06 - 08:18PM 39: On the last shore
that was beautiful. Such a perfect ending to a long and happy life together. Together foever.

Author's Response: Thank you and yes, the boys belong together. There's no way around that and we all know it. :-)

Rhardin 05/15/06 - 06:43AM 39: On the last shore
Oh wow what can I say this story had it all didn't it. One of the best i've read!!! Can't wait for your next story. Please don't keep us waiting to long.

Author's Response: Oh, you are making me blush again but thank you so much. I have two, maybe three stories on the table, so to speak, so there will be something coming soon. :-)

ItGlitters 05/14/06 - 10:15PM 39: On the last shore
I waited to read this till I could have the proper time, because I knew what would happen but... Seriously crying - really beautiful.

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much. :-)

Claire_D 05/14/06 - 03:57PM 39: On the last shore
*crying* beautiful. I'm sorry it's over, this has been a fab fic. I'm guessing the AU sequel will be Josh and Will. :-)

Author's Response: There might be a little of them too there somewhere but mostly it would be about Nick and Greg. :-)

verisimilitude 05/14/06 - 03:39PM 39: On the last shore's over. This fic is great. I'm really glad you wrote it. And if you do decide to write the AU, I'll read it.

Author's Response: I'm happy to hear that. I have to start writing it then. :-)

ScarletFBL 05/14/06 - 03:19PM 39: On the last shore
Damn it! I could hardly even make it to the end. My eyes were too blurry. *sniff* Oh, great, now there's snot everywhere. (TMI, I know.) This last chapter was so great, I don't know how you do it. I'll try and think up something to help you with your sequel.

Author's Response: Hey, I actually have the sequel in my head or at least parts from here and there. I guess I was more interested to know, if the sequel itself would interest anyone before I would actually start writing it. :-)

Author's Response: Of course other thoughts or ideas are always welcome too. :-)

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