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Reviews for A Different Kind of Pain

leggo_my_greggo 03/25/08 - 04:25PM 1: One
You know....tears CAN'T be good for a keyboard, lol I cried quite a bit in this and was really worried my boys weren't going to get it together!!! Thankfully you are a Goddess and wrote a beautiful and happy ending!!! GREAT JOB!!!

Dark CSI 03/31/07 - 04:58PM 1: One
Okay, I admit it, I cried! I was so afraid Greg wouldn't go back to Nick!

EvenStar 07/08/06 - 01:57AM 1: One
OMG that was intense... I love it. :)

Author's Response: I love intense, thanks, that means it got across they way I was hoping it would

kinnetic 03/22/06 - 05:55PM 1: One
Oh, what you can do with the angst. Parts of this actually made my stomach hurt. But then, by the end, I was sighing and smiling. That was quite a roller coaster ride. Nice job.

Author's Response: Thanks, I so love the angst, It was a real roller coaster ride, but this was actually one of my favorite ones I wrote I think.

violet_eyes 02/06/06 - 01:36PM 1: One
mmm...*blissful sigh*...lovely all I have to do is try and concentrate on work for the evening!

Author's Response: Thank you, of course I couldn't end it with them not together, I love the angst, but I also love happy endings

DisasterousLetdown 01/30/06 - 04:45AM 1: One
This was really good and worked very well with the video. You are a really good writer by the way, you have a genuine talent for things like this.

Author's Response: Thank you, I never really thought that writing was my thing, that I just faked it really well, so that means a lot.

anmani 01/29/06 - 03:08PM 1: One
As always you excell with the angst and the smut. The video was so darn sad, so a fic to fix it was in order.

Author's Response: Thanks, it was actually easy to write once I watched the video, it like lead me right to the fic.

gambits_wings 01/27/06 - 09:30AM 1: One
great fic, im glad they got fixed in the end nice to read sarah doing somthing nice for a change x

Author's Response: Yes, Sara I see as a definite ally for Nick and Greg. So glad you enjoyed

Dreama 01/27/06 - 02:44AM 1: One
I love that story, there actually was some point when I thought Nick and Greg wouldn't make it and Greg would stay with Sara. Glad it didn't happen that way. Fantastic story, just loved it.

Author's Response: Yeah me too. You know how much I love to pile the angst on. I don't mean to, but I think I write angst better than anything else, So sometimes it just flows really well and this whole thing just seemed to come together

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