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Reviews for A Fiction superseded

LoneWolf13 01/08/06 - 08:03PM 1: A Fiction superseded
What a cute story and the line from Nick's mom, “Oh, Ida, leave Nicky alone. He’ll get married when the laws change.” I was just cracking u,p it was brilliant! Good job :)

twins1729 12/08/05 - 03:33PM 1: A Fiction superseded
That was so great. *sniff*. I loved it. Keep up your brilliant work.

dagsrommer 08/11/05 - 07:30PM 1: A Fiction superseded
This was one of the best!

Author's Response: Thanks!

Danielle Elenauial 06/11/05 - 02:28AM 1: A Fiction superseded
Awww! Sooo cute!! I love the "your....Greg." Cause if you take away the "...." it's "your Greg." Nick's Greg. Awww!

Dr FooFoo 11/17/04 - 05:35PM 1: A Fiction superseded
Aww, how sweet! Poor Nicky, going through such stress. XD But it all turned out fine!

Eledhwenlin 04/21/04 - 01:28PM 1: A Fiction superseded
I loved it. Nick missing Greg was so cute and the way you showed his mother slowly accepting him was great.

Girlnorth 04/20/04 - 05:13PM 1: A Fiction superseded
That was a very moving story. I loved how Aunt Ida just moved on like it was no big deal, just the way it should be.

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